Doing Business in Latin America

In the 2012 World Bank report on Doing Business in Latin America, which ranks every country in the world on a scale from 1 (the easiest to start and run business) to 183 (the most difficult), the entire region averaged 103. The highest ranking country, Chile, managed to get to the 39th place, with Venezuela trailing the rest of the pack at position 177.

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Peru, Colombia and Mexico were among the destinations offering the most friendly business environment. Doing business in South America is much more complicated in Ecuador, Bolivia and Suriname, according to the World Bank indicators.

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We specialize in helping to identify South America insurance products that fit your particular needs. As risk management experts, we place special emphasis on ensuring stability and safety of your business operations and investments. These are paramount values of our services.

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Whether you are a Chinese company seeking a green field investment opportunity in Colombia, a Mexican corporation trying to expand its operations across borders or an individual investor seeking a luxury property in Brazil, we are uniquely positioned to assist in doing business in Latin America.

Our values in combination with in-depth understanding of the region make Risk Boutique an ideal choice for anyone seeking quality, reliable and professional advice on investing in South America or running business there.

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