Investing in Latin America

Do you have investments in Latin America? Are you thinking of starting a business in the region? Do you want to make sure your financial and business interests are professionally protected from excessive risk?

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Risk Boutique is a business advisory dedicated to South America insurance and risk consulting. We offer our services to individuals and institutions investing in Latin America. Our in-depth knowledge of the region, its risks and opportunities puts us in a position to provide high-impact risk management strategies that reduce unnecessary exposure and allows businesses to focus on value creation.

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Doing business in South America involves a fair share of challenges due to complexity of procedures and high costs. Reports by institutions such as the World Bank and the Economist Intelligence Unit place the region below the OECD average for ease of starting and closing business, enforcing contracts or obtaining building permits. The region’s most friendly economy investing in Latin America is Chile, ranking 39 in the world.

Nevertheless, using the right Latin America insurance products and other risk management solutions, foreign investors can secure the success of their businesses and enjoy the region’s fast pace of growth.

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At Risk Boutique, we believe in a tailor-made approach to managing risk. We advise our clients investing in Latin America and the Caribbean on a strictly individual and confidential basis how to structure and protect their investments from Mexico to Argentina, from Chile to Brazil. Our philosophy is based around professionalism, excellence and responsibility for our clients’ business interests.

Based in Miami, the undeclared capital of Americas, we pride ourselves on having a network of connections across Latin America & the Caribbean and a firm grounding in the world’s best business practices.

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